Appiano Romano - Le Tue Macchine per il vivaio

Top quality since 1970

We design and build grapevine nursery specific machinery by bringing together long-standing experience in the precision mechanics sector with the expertise of nursery professionals.

Every component is designed and built on site, allowing for every kind of customization.

Every machine we produce is unique, made to measure for you and your needs.

Quality, performance and state-of-the-art technology are the keys to our success.


Our machines are inspired by what.

Our technical staff has decades of experience in the designing and building of machinery in this specific field.

This means that innovation is constantly being measured in the field against tradition, resulting in machines that are easy to use, modern, efficient, and above-all reliable.


We use the most highly advanced technological systems both for making the components and inside our machines.

Rather than confining ourselves to the assembly of components, we design and build all the parts of our machines in house. In this way constant development and updating to modern technology is ensured, combining tradition with innovation.


Full customization of our products, catering for any requirement you might have.

Our prototypes are thoroughly tried and tested by nursery experts. We are therefore able to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of all our products.

Furthermore, working all the time in association with nursery professionals allows us to constantly improve the products already in our catalog.