Appiano Romano - Le Tue Macchine per il vivaio


Macchina Combinata

Combined machine

This machine cleans and disbuds canes in a single operation.

It is fitted with 7 front and 7 rear cutters; the head can be removed quickly and easily in order to carry out maintenance, cleaning and replacement of the cutters; by removing the head, you can also perform disbudding on its own of short pieces, including pieces which have already been cut.

Macchina combinata

The head is equipped with an air system for fast and easy cleaning of the cutters.

The machine is driven by 10 dampened rollers fitted with special rubber washers which are easy to replace in the event of wear.

The measurements are: length mm 1490 mm, width 900 mm and height 1450 mm.

Macchina combinata