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Vasca Paraffinatrice - Modello a doppia vasca

Waxing tank - twin-tank model

Solid stainless steel construction, comprising two communicating tanks fitted with a ball tap to make them independent if required. Each tank measures 600x600x500mm.

The first tank is used for the initial melting of the paraffin, and its storage in liquid form. The second tank is used for the actual processing.

The paraffin is melted by electric resistors; the temperature of both tanks can be set and adjusted using separate digital electronic controllers, which are easy to access on the control panel and protected from dripping paraffin.

The temperature is kept constant during the processing by an electronic system providing real-time control of the heating system. This means that initial paraffin melting times are reduced to a minimum, and at the same time no more energy is used than is strictly necessary in order to maintain the temperature of the liquid paraffin.

Like all our equipment, the system is thoroughly tested before delivery to the customer.

The system is fitted with suitable protections to ensure safe operation..

On request a transfer pump can be fitted.

Disponibile anche in versione A single-tank version is also available.