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Bud removing machine

This is an electronically-controlled mechanical machine for disbudding wild canes..

It is composed of 6 rubberized drive rollers which adapt automatically to the diameter of the wood. The abrasion of the buds is performed by 4 special lamellar wheels which are positioned vertically and horizontally so as to trim the buds perfectly without damaging the bark (collagenosis).

It is easy to change the drive speed (between 10 and 160m/min) and the number of rotations of the lamellar wheels (between 10 and 2860 rpm) using the digital control panel. This means that, providing it is dry, numerous types of wood can be processed in the most diverse environmental conditions. The system can process wood over and above a minimum length of 22 cm, with no other limits.

The disbudder is easy to use together with the cutting unit. The machines can communicate with each other by means of the electronic system they are both fitted with, making it possible to synchronize their working speeds.

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